Introducing the Forerunner Academy, a learning platform for floodplain managers
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Forerunner's software equips governments with dynamic tools to better manage flood risk and increase resilience in a rapidly changing world.

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Communities throughout the country are increasingly impacted by storms and floods. Forerunner’s solutions can help you tackle today’s pain points and plan for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Floodplain Compliance

Simplify floodplain compliance

Forerunner’s platform can help you enforce floodplain compliance, inform residents of regulatory requirements, and plan more effectively for the future. Relevant data is collected and consolidated in easy-to-read property profiles and the software includes compliance warnings so everyone is informed.

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Disaster Recovery

Respond quickly to disasters

Forerunner’s disaster recovery features can help you mobilize quickly after disasters, when every second counts. You can document damages in the field, provide timely information to residents, and expedite recovery. Our geospatial platform also supports reporting, with capabilities to upload post-disaster imagery and export data.

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Resident Education

Empower residents with clear information

Forerunner’s public features give residents access to relevant property-level flood risk details that help inform key decisions and minimize the number of assistance requests. Since the public website is linked to your internal dashboard, every change you make will update in real-time – no extra work needed.

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Data Platform

Leverage flood risk data and insights

Forerunner’s dashboard consolidates datasets and maps for floodplain management, disaster recovery, and resilience planning in one easy-to-use place. Our platform pulls data from both public and private sources, and updates as soon as your data changes, so you can make decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

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Security, Privacy and Accessibility

At Forerunner, we recognize the critical importance of providing our government partners with dependable and accessible tools that prioritize data security. That's why we have implemented industry-leading best practices to build our platform, ensuring that our partners can trust us to deliver the highest level of security and reliability.

SOC 2 Type II

Forerunner continuously tests for ongoing SOC 2 compliance to ensure that our software adheres to strict data security standards.

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Penetration Testing

Forerunner conducts regular penetration tests to evaluate system security and make sure that we’re safeguarding partner data with the utmost care.

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ADA Compliance

Forerunner regularly assesses our public-facing features for ADA compliance, so that they can be accessed by the widest range of users possible.

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