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ADA Audit

June 19, 2023
Lucy Randl

Forerunner's recent ADA audit reinforces our commitment to accessibility, ensuring that our internal dashboard and public-facing websites provide inclusive solutions for all users.

We recognize the importance of inclusivity and accessibility to ensure that all users and members of the public engaging in our public website are able to gain value out of our system. To assess and improve our accessibility standards, Forerunner recently conducted a comprehensive ADA audit. The purpose of this audit was to identify any existing barriers and ensure that all aspects of our software meet or exceed the accessibility guidelines outlined by the ADA.

During the audit, we engaged professionals from PLUS QA to review our infrastructure, evaluate digital assets, and conduct usability testing. Their insights helped us identify areas for improvement and establish a path forward to enhance accessibility across the Forerunner platform. this includes ensuring that there is alt text implemented where necessary, improving keyboard navigation and ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Moving forward, accessibility will remain a top priority for Forerunner. By conducting the ADA audit and implementing the necessary changes, we aim to provide equal access and opportunities for all individuals, enabling them to fully engage with our product.

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