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Our Mission:
To help communities prepare for the impacts of severe weather and adapt to future conditions.
We're engineers, designers and planners concerned with the changes occurring in our climate. We are working to make sure communities are prepared to deal with the far-reaching impacts.

We built Forerunner on the belief that preparation is a necessity, not a luxury, and communities deserve access to powerful tools that help them plan for the future.

We set out to build modern, easy-to-use risk resilience and mitigation tools, and our team is hard at work bringing that vision to life today.

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JT White
JT White
Co-founder and CEO
Previously Director of Product Design at Managed by Q. Design Researcher at MIT Media Lab’s City Science group.
Susanna Pho
Susanna Pho, CFM
Co-founder and COO
M.Des Risk + Resilience from Harvard University, Design Researcher at MIT Media Lab’s City Science group, M.Arch MIT.

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Get access to actionable, property-level flood risk information to streamline floodplain management, compliance, and outreach.