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Penetration Testing

June 19, 2023
Lucy Randl

At Forerunner, data security for our community partners is a top priority. As we add new features that involve ingesting highly sensitive data, like repetitive loss, ensuring protection and privacy of this information is paramount. To bolster our security measures and reduce the risk of real world attacks and data breaches, we recently underwent a comprehensive penetration test of our systems.

A pen test, short for penetration test, is a security assessment conducted to evaluate potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in our application and overall security infrastructure. The purpose of a pen test is to simulate real-world attack scenarios and identify potential entry points that could be exploited. These could include testing whether unauthorized access, data breaches, or other malicious activities are possible.

The pen test enabled us to proactively identify vulnerabilities throughout our infrastructure and immediately take action to rectify them. Following the results, our engineering team worked diligently to address these findings, implementing robust security measures to close any identified gaps and strengthen our systems overall. The insights gained from the test have allowed us to fine-tune some of our existing security infrastructure and implement additional layers of protection to safeguard against emerging threats.

As part of Forerunner security policies, we plan to engage in annual penetration testing. By investing in regular testing, we can continuously evaluate and enhance our security practices, ensuring that our partners' sensitive information remains protected from future cyber threats.

As we continue to prioritize security, we're always keeping a close eye on safeguarding and proactively enhancing our systems. Our recent pen test speaks to our dedication to ensuring trust and peace of mind for our partners. Should you have any questions or concerns about our security practices, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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