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Stay compliant with NFIP requirements using Forerunner.

Floodplain management regulations can be complex and enforcement can be time-consuming, especially for floodplain managers wearing many hats. Forerunner helps automate, digitize, and streamline the work of floodplain regulation so communities can feel confident about compliance.

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Work smarter to safeguard your community and meet local and federal regulations.

Forerunner can help you meet and exceed the minimum National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requirements. We simplify compliance workflows and documentation, giving you time back on tedious administrative tasks and helping ensure that development continues to stay compliant with your floodplain regulations.

Stay Compliant

Ensure that development is compliant to local and federal floodplain regulations.

Drive Efficiency

Save valuable time and effort with software designed to streamline floodplain management workflows.

Simplify CAVs

Communicate regulatory compliance with better documentation during Community Assistance Visits (CAVs).

Manage Data

Centralize your data with one source of truth for floodplain compliance.

Features for NFIP Compliance

Property warnings that alert you to changes in the built environment.

Our customized warnings take into account your local FIRM information, freeboard requirements, and cumulative SI periods. We help you stay on top of changes, potential issues, and opportunities for resident outreach.

SI/SD tracking for enforcing substantial improvement.

Forerunner tracks all relevant SI/SD data and makes it simple to document damages when you are out in the field. We’ll also flag the property in Forerunner when projects are close to the cumulative threshold, informing when you need to reach out to property owners.

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Management tools to stay on top of Repetitive Loss properties.

Forerunner mobilizes your data so you can keep track of Repetitive Loss properties in your community. We help you identify opportunities for mitigation and enable outreach, all while employing best-in-class security practices to protect and minimize visibility for your most sensitive datasets.

Digital documentation for easier administration.

Forerunner helps you manage documentation like Elevation Certificates, property photos, and letters. All the documents you need to analyze a property’s flood risk are packaged together in a profile. You can also make certain documents public to educate and empower residents.

Automated Elevation Certificate checks to save time and help to ensure floodplain compliance.

Our Elevation Certificate (EC) Error Detection runs hundreds of validation checks on ECs, so you don’t have to. We identify potential clerical, compliance, and elevation issues that need to be addressed, so that you can ensure that development is compliant to both NFIP and local standards.

Easy data exporting for streamlined CAVs.

Forerunner makes it easy to compile data for Community Assistance Visits (CAVs). You can use our data management and exporting tools to demonstrate compliance efficiently.

“We need all of our properties, whether new or substantially improved to be in compliance with National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) standards. I'm really enjoying Forerunner. It's saving me a lot of headaches because it's just much more streamlined. I don't have to go to different Excel spreadsheets, everything is all right there!"
Susan Catapano-Moore

Floodplain Manager, Assistant to the Director of Public Safety, and Administrative Analyst for the Police Department for Long Branch, NJ

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