Introducing the Forerunner Academy, a learning platform for floodplain managers
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Secure crucial discounts with software built to help you excel in the CRS program.

Your community relies on Community Rating System (CRS) discounts to keep flood insurance affordable, but meeting minimum requirements and reporting can be daunting. Our software is designed to make participation easier, so that your team can stay in the program without compromising staff time.

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Forerunner’s features simplify your CRS workflows and maximize program benefits. 

Excel in the CRS program with ease using Forerunner. Our software’s map-based dashboard streamlines CRS reporting, promotes better record-keeping, and helps increase credits within the program. You can perform annual CRS tasks with the same software you use for day-to-day floodplain management, streamlining your workflows and saving time.

Increase Discounts

Leverage Forerunner’s public-facing and internal features to maximize the credits you’re receiving through the CRS.

Drive Efficiency

Minimize the laborious work of compiling information for CRS review with Forerunner’s easy data export tool.

Simplify ISO Visits

Save time preparing for recertification and verification visits by keeping your records updated year round.

Manage Data

Centralize your data with one source of truth for compliance and the CRS.

Automated Elevation Certificate error detection to save time and help maintain minimum requirements.

Our Elevation Certificate (EC) Error Detection runs hundreds of validation checks on ECs, so you don’t have to. Meeting minimum CRS requirements can be a formidable task – we help by identifying potential clerical, compliance, and elevation issues that need to be addressed before submitting ECs for CRS review.

Smart tracking for enforcing higher regulatory standards.

The work that you do to adopt and enforce higher regulatory standards can be great for improving your CRS class. Use Forerunner to help you track cumulative Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage ordinances and incorporate stricter mapping, so that you can easily demonstrate compliance for the CRS.

Streamlined resident outreach and conversation logging for clearer reporting.

Forerunner’s per-property logs help you keep track of resident interactions with team members. They’re easy to export so you can share them for CRS review with the click of a button. Our public website also makes it easy to share flood risk information quickly.

A better tool for maintaining up-to-date flood data.

Forerunner helps you manage documentation like Elevation Certificates, property photos, and letters. All the documents you need to analyze a property’s flood risk are packaged together in one property profile. You can also make certain documents public to educate and empower residents.

Autogenerate letters saving time and effort.

With Forerunner, users can generate templated letters for residents, including RLAA Property Notification Letters, Substantial Damage Determination Letters, Floodzone Determination Letters, and more. Your document templates are saved in Forerunner and automatically populated with specific property information.

“Another big benefit of using Forerunner is informing disaster analysis after a storm passes through. We usually go into the community to take a look at the damage – we have to quickly assess if structures have been impacted. If the water didn’t get high enough in the storm we can grant a permit on the spot, so knowing if a house has an Elevation Certificate can save us time. We might not even need to go into a house or make an appointment with a homeowner for an inspection.”
Darrell Hahn

Manager of the Permits Department for Harris County, TX

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