Introducing the Forerunner Academy, a learning platform for floodplain managers
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Resident Education

Equip your residents with relevant data tailored specifically to their properties.

The world of flood risk can be difficult to navigate for community members who are unfamiliar with regulatory requirements. Forerunner’s public-facing features make it easier for you to provide your residents with the information they need to make educated decisions.

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Empower residents with clear and concise information.

Forerunner’s public features give residents access to property-level flood risk details that help inform important choices and minimize their requests to local government. Since the public website is linked to your internal dashboard, every change you make will update in real-time – no extra work needed.

Inform and Assist Residents

Help residents make better decisions by sharing property-level flood risk data and important documents.

Reduce your Internal Workload

Minimize the amount of public requests your team receives by setting up a self-service public flood website.

Enhance the Resident Experience

Make it easier for residents to understand flood risk with our well-designed, modern software platform.

Setup a One-Stop Shop for Flood

Consolidate all your information into one tool, so that your residents don’t have to use multiple datasets to get a full picture of their flood risk.

Features for Resident Education

White-labeled public websites to share the latest flood data with residents.

Our white-labeled public flood websites streamline flood risk communication to residents. Your customized website enables residents to easily find important flood information without needing extra assistance.

Property-level profiles with all the relevant documents and details.

Forerunner’s public property profiles make it easy to share data on a property’s flood risk, and communication logs help with tracking important conversations around mitigation options for internal recordkeeping and the CRS program.

Simple tools for residents to self-service and get support from your floodplain management team.

Forerunner’s public website enables residents to reach out for help. Whether they need documentation or have a question, our “Get Help” form collects relevant data so you can address requests quickly – and inquiries are automatically logged, so you don’t have to worry about documentation.

Streamlined delivery of important property documents to your residents.

Within Forerunner, documents like Elevation Certificates (ECs), Letter of Map Changes (LOMCs), and Floodplain Development Permits are easily accessed by your community members. All documentation is kept up to date for residents and organized for your team.

“I can't tell you how awesome the Public Property Profile feature is. It looks so professional and residents can manipulate the data to get an understanding of the differences between FIRMs. Every time someone calls now, I say “Yeah, just give me your email. I’ll show you all of the information,” and send them a Public Profile.”
Elissa Commins

Floodplain Manager and CRS Coordinator for Brick Township, NJ

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