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Intelligent Substantial Improvement and Damage tracking

Forerunner’s Substantial Improvement and Damage features are easy to use, create data continuity, and help communities meet compliance requirements.
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Track Improvement and Damage costs on every property.
Easily add, track, and visualize SI/SD costs so that you can better enforce compliance with NFIP regulations. Forerunner is web-based, so your team can enter data from any computer or mobile device.
Custom tracking for your community.
Forerunner allows you to customize your SI/SD tracking with lower thresholds, cumulative periods, and custom adjustment ratios. You can easily change these parameters to make sure that tracking is specific to your community’s regulations.
Adjusted Assessment Value for every parcel.
Using your community’s parcel data and local tax assessor’s adjustment ratio, Forerunner automatically calculates the full Market Value of every property in your community, saving you valuable time. To allow for flexibility, you can also opt to use custom market values as well.
Intelligent Warnings.
Using your Damage and Improvement costs, tracking period, and threshold percentage, Forerunner automatically alerts you when a property is close to or over your SI/SD threshold so that you know when to take action.
The Forerunner Guide to Substantial Improvement and Substantial Damage
Learn how other communities are tracking and regulating Substantial Improvement and Damage to decrease flood losses and encourage resilience.
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