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Accelerate your Floodplain Management workflows

Our features are built to address the many responsibilities of floodplain management. With our software, you'll unlock your community’s data and seamlessly integrate it into your work.
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Geospatial Data
Analyze your community's floodplain data in our easy-to-use maps.
Our easy-to-use map pulls your floodplain-specific information from a wide range of sources. The map's straightforward design means you don’t need a GIS background to use it. We'll combine your Effective and Preliminary FIRM maps, parcel information, Elevation Certificate data, and more to give you a comprehensive understanding of flood risk.
Floodplain Development
Easily lookup and monitor regulatory requirements for better enforcement and compliance.
Our customized warnings take into account your local FIRM information, freeboard requirements, and cumulative substantial improvement periods to give you compliance insight. You can use our software to accelerate your permitting, plan-review and resident outreach.
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Elevation Certificates
Gain critical risk insight from your Elevation Certificates
Your Elevation Certificates contain crucial information about structural flood risk. Our automated extraction pipeline allows your team to mobilize this dataset. We go beyond just data extraction to precisely geocode, validate, and convert your data. The result is that your team can utilize your EC data by downloading it in aggregate or by searching for an address on our dashboard.
Substantial Improvement & Damage
A dedicated space to track development in your floodplain.
Ensure data continuity and complete improvement tracking with our Substantial Improvement and Damage tracking features. Our product notifies you of projects that exceed your cumulative threshold, so that you know when to reach out to homeowners.
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Community Rating System
Lower your community’s insurance costs
We build our product with FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS) in mind, faciliating or attaining credit for communities in the following activities. We also have a nifty CRS guide that you can view here.
  • 312.a Maintaining Elevation Certificates
  • 312.b Maintaining Elevation Certificates for post-FIRM buildings
  • 312.c Maintaining Elevation Certificates for pre-FIRM buildings
  • 322.a Basic FIRM Information
  • 352.c Flood Protection Website
  • 362.a. Property protection advice
  • 362.b. Protection advice provided after a site visit
  • 362.c. Financial assistance advice
  • 372.d Technical assistance
  • 432.d Cumulative substantial improvements
  • 352.c Flood Protection Website
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